Repairing Pianos

Every piano has its own beauty … and its flaws.

Sometimes a fine piano needs some repairs or even a full restoration,
to give the instrument the second life it deserves.

Often that’s quite a job, an almost impossible task, at first glance.
But with passion and patience, craftsmanship and good advice from my friends experts
in the piano restoration community, much is possible.

At the moment, I’m working on a beautiful Erard half grand piano (212 cm) from 1876.

Is your instrument next?

Let’s meet and discuss

Working on a grand piano (pianoforte) in the Brussels Musical Instruments Museum MIM.

The instrument in the photo is a Hoeberechts-Groetaers, built in Brussels in 1816.
It received a place of honor in the exhibition at MIAT, in Ghent,
following 250 years of Belgian piano industry, and is now back in the museum.

A real honor. And a pleasure!