CD hoes Analogia

CD Analogia

CD Analogia

After 25 years, Michel Terlinck’s second CD Analogia aims to expand the concertante role for the plucked dulcimer. He wants to take the dulcimer out of purely folk or traditional music without forgetting its musical roots. The choice of musical works with their different character contribute to this.

Therefore, when performing the highly elaborated compositions, he pays close attention to dynamics, timbres and accents. Thanks to his self-built dulcimers- he plays four of them here in different moods and timbres – this works wonderfully well. He presents a beautiful anthology from the past 25 years, his own compositions and other music that has inspired him. Solo dulcimer alternates with ensemble playing.

Thanks to the musicians who collaborated, this opens up a captivating world of variety. In the dulcimer duets, he developed a sparkling interplay with Guido De Meester. Cumali Bulduk on bağlamaand Johan De Baedts on percussion gave the Turkish music its enchanting, oriental sound, while the interplay with Ann Van Hecke on cello further lifted the elevated dynamic of the original score. And of course, Thomas Hoste with his alto hurdy-gurdy gave the sound a real boost. All the musicians work in music education and Guido De Meester was a lifelong “master”, so everyone has a lot of connection with each other and with folk: analogy – similarity – agreement!

Listen to “De gang der Analogiën”

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March 25, 2022 – 19u30: CD performance in collaboration with the Music Academy-Gooik in the Sint-Pieterskerk in Leerbeek.

April 22, 202221u: Concert ‘Hommelweekend’ in Music Club ‘t Ey in Belsele (Koutermolenstraat 6b, 9111 Sint-Niklaas).

May 8, 2022– 16u: Chapel of Zavelenborre in Overijse (Frans Verbeekstraat 158, 3090 Overijse).

August 22, 2022 – 20u: Folkstage 2022: concert in the Sint-Niklaas Church in Gooik (Torenstraat 7, 1755 Gooik)

November 26, 2022 – 13u: workshop hurdy-gurdy and plucked dulcimer – – 20u: concert Westerlo (Hollandsedreef 3, 2260 Westerlo)

Each dulcimer concert is a rich and moving experience.
Time and again I see how the performance becomes a real discovery for the public, a special surprise. Especially children are fascinated. They suddenly listen respectfully, are curious and come closer. And there is a warm glow of musical fascination.