A dulcimer or bourdon is a plank zither from central and Eastern Europe.

Make a wooden sound box. Add strings. Plus some pins.
And now it’s a dulcimer.
Bourdon. Vlier or Hommel in Flanders. The instrument is also known as a block violin or épinette.

There are diatonic and chromatic dulcimers.
In addition to the three to four generally unison tuned melody strings,
there are bourbon strings that can ‘sing along’ beautifully.

For 33 years I have been building dulcimers, for myself, and for others.

I have become friends with some passionate musical instrument builders, and our circle is growing.
It is a network of people who trust and respect each other. Beautiful friendships!

I make custom made dulcimers.
Besides respecting tradition, I add touches of innovation.
Together we search for additional sounds, and use new techniques, if they are meaningful.
This makes each instrument even more beautiful, and we serve the beauty of the instrument.

Gooik… a small place that has become like a second home …
I have the honor of teaching ‘making music with the dulcimer’ in that enchanted village, on the traditional folk music training programme.

Is your dulcimer my next project?

Let’s meet!

I built this chromatic bumblebee in Re-Sol, with a cedar top, in 2010.
The position of the melody strings remains stable thanks to a new application of two small ‘agrave pins’ for the zero pen.